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Introduction:: You will be writing the script and recording a commercial for the book you have just read.  These commercials will be posted on the internet for other students to watch when they are looking for a good book to read. 



You will be creating a commercial which will be shown to the class and posted online. Your goal is to convince other students that your book is interesting and a good read.

The project includes the following parts:

1. Read the book.

2. Complete a plot synopsis worksheet by_______.

3. Write the script for the commercial by______.


There are three parts to a good book commercial: the hook, the content and the cliffhanger.

  •   The Hook – Something that will grab the listener’s attention. Get them excited and interested.
    •  A quote that you liked from the book
    • Read a scary/funny/exciting part of the book
    • Link the book to a movie
    • Ask a question the listener’s can relate to (Example: Have you ever felt like the world was against you?)


  •    The Content - Tell about the characters and/or the plot

    • Give the title of the book and author's name toward the beginning

    • Give a brief summary of the plot.
    • Mention any interesting characters.


  •   The Cliffhanger: Leave the listener’s with wanting more so they will want to read the book to find out what happens.

    • End the commercial unresolved with something up in the air.

    • Could be a question like “If you want to know what happens next, read the book”




Final Product

Click here to see an example of a book commercial by Mrs. Furlong. 

Click here to see the student-created book commercials.


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