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Character Education Art Project Photos




Helen Findlay / Project Coordinator

Last year a group of eighth grade art students participated in designing six mural boards that portray the six character traits of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, justice and fairness, caring, and civic virtue and citizenship to be displayed in the Middle School Cafeteria. The students had to research on the internet to find symbols for each of the chosen character traits and then design a panel based on their findings. They learned how other cultures symbolize the same traits which provided them with a wonderful sense of the universal appeal of these principles. They learned new drawing techniques, the various stages of producing a finished piece of work and they used their artistic talents to serve their school community working cooperatively as a group to meet a single goal.

They designed a total of six murals with a continuing visual theme.  Last year they completed the drawn designs for the murals. This year the students, who are now in 9th grade, will continue the project by painting the panels. Once the murals are completed they will be on display in the school cafeteria. The murals will provide a wonderful visual character education reference for the entire school and community to view and enjoy.

We used funds from our Learn And Serve American Grant for funding this project, along with the talents of the students. This project has given students the opportunity and challenge to use art skills and concepts to improve the visual environment of the school while reminding everyone to make good character building choices.




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