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Australian print Project

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 8th grade Studio Art students have been working with visiting artist Ellen Crane. This year we expanded the print project adding a cross curricular service learning component. Students learned about the aboriginal people through a power point presentation on Aboriginal culture and art given by Mrs. Langley-Peck. The students viewed artifacts and pictures of Aboriginal art that were brought back from Australia through the Fulbright-Hays Seminar Program that Mrs. Peck participated in this past summer. Professional artist Ellen Crane taught the students printmaking techniques using Aboriginal styled designs for their block prints. In April, Mrs. Myers and Mr. Share’s first and second grade students will also view Mrs. Langley-Pecks presentation. They will then learn printing techniques in the Aboriginal style, from the eighth grade studio art students. The project will be in conjunction with the elementary student’s animal unit. This cross curricular program will provide a strong art enrichment experience while also providing the opportunity for cooperative learning for a myriad of students. Eighth grade art students will extend their learning by becoming the 'teachers' in this service-learning project. We’re all very excited about this project and look forward to viewing the end products of the student’s endeavors. A huge thank you to the Brittonkill Education Foundation and to The Learn and Serve America Grant for making this project possible!




Article for the Communicator April 26th, 2007:                       

Elementary Students Study Australia


 By Donna Langley-Peck and Helen Findlay


        The 1st and 2nd grade students in Mrs. Myers’ and Mr. Share’s classes completed an in depth study of Australian culture and art through essay writing and picture drawing of Australian animals.  Mrs. Langley-Peck then visited the classes and presented pictures, artifacts, and stories about the Australian culture.

          This project is a continuation of the Service Learning Grant, and the Educational Foundation Grant, where the 8th grade art students participated in Mrs. Langley-Peck’s presentation, and worked with Mrs. Findlay and Artist in Residence Ellen Crane on Aboriginal art, and printmaking projects.

          Mrs. Findlay and the 8th grade art students are now visiting the 1st and 2nd grade classes to teach  about Aboriginal art. The elementary students will then learn printing techniques in the Aboriginal style, from the eighth grade studio art students.  This has been an exciting, fun-filled cross-curricular project with many imaginative art creations! 

Thank you to Mrs. Meyers, Mr. Share, Ellen Crane, the Brittonkill Educational Foundation and The Learn to Serve America Grant for making this project possible.



         Sharing their books and their stories depicted through aboriginal symbols                                 Discussing aboriginal symbols


            Talking about the Aboriginal's belief in the Dreamings               Showing them how to draw the animals on the printing block 


Demonstrating the Printing Process                       Choosing the paper for their prints                   A Day Of Printing.......





Aussie Print Project

We did squeeze in a quick visit from the elementary students so that they could share their Aussie Print Books with the 8th grade students. Here's a few pictures:





Character Education Art Project 2006-2007


April  2007


This year eighth grade art students have had the privilege to continue to work on designing new murals for Tamarac. The students decided to redesign an old unfinished mural across from the library. Given its location, it was decided that “books” would make a good theme.The students spent 6 weeks researching images and ideas for what messages they wanted to convey. The universal appeal of knowledge through reading became a central thread for the book theme. The second thread for ideas was based on a timeline beginning with Illuminated documents from the Middle Ages that then flowed into the timelessness of nursery rhymes and children’s book characters. Other images were added to represent the endless possibilities for topics that can be revealed through reading books.This Mural project has provided these students with an opportunity to use art skills and concepts to improve the visual environment of the school. They have also spent a great deal of time reflecting on the power of books to foster learning and offer entertainment for people of all ages. This mural is another wonderful visual message for the entire school and community to view and enjoy.Thank You to the Learn and Serve American Grant for making this project possible.Thank you also to the Tamarac custodians who prepped the mural board, filling holes and priming the surface. We appreciate everyone’s support on this endeavor!



The CEAP Mural is also complete!



2004-2006 CEAP Murals

The “Character Education Art Project” was completed last June. The murals were installed in the middle school cafeteria just prior to the opening of school this year. Eighth and ninth grade art students participated in designing these mural boards over a two year period. The boards portray the six character traits of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, justice and fairness, caring, and civic virtue and citizenship. Pictorial symbols of these traits along with symbols and ideograms from African and Japanese cultures were used as images in representing these traits and their meanings. These murals have provided the students with the opportunity and challenge to use art skills and concepts to improve the visual environment of the school. The murals also serve as a reminder to make good character building choices in our everyday lives. Thank you to The Learn and Serve American Grant which funded this project! Thank you to the custodians that did such a great job in installing them! And thank you to all the students who worked some hours and those who worked many, many hours in completing this worthy project! You all made it happen! Mural Artist are: Brianna Baldwin, K.C. Bariteau, Elizabeth Bradley, Victoria Caruso,  Kathryn Cipperly, Tiffany Clemente, Laura Colaneri, Nicole Conrad, Chelsea Constanza, Danielle Demagistris, Stephen DeRubertis, Chelsea Donnelly, Mary Downey,  Amanda Hadsell, Brenna Johnston,  Rebecca Keefe, Alexandra Latham, Hayley Martin, Hope McCaffrey, Kayla Monahan, Kyle Monahan, Winslow Murdoch, Kaya Phillips, Alyssa Prout,  Marrisa Urkevich, Amy Rogers, Rebecca Rothstein,  Erin Shipley, Kerianne Squadrito, Jaclyn Waters, Cahill Wilson, Corinne Wilson and Elizabeth Young, THANK YOU!

                                                                                                        Helen Findlay / Project Coordinator


The Character Education Art Project (CEAP),  funded by THE LEARN AND SERVE AMERICAN GRANT 2004-2006    

CEAP Mural pictures June 2006

CEAP Photos


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