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Internet Searching Tips

Quick Tips for Searching the Internet
           * Use only nouns in the search box. Ex. Who was the Prince of Pop?
           * Use " " to search for exact phrases like names or titles.  Ex: "John Quincy Adams"
           * Include more keywords to get better results: Ex. "to be or not to be" Hamlet
           * Exclude terms to narrow down the search. Ex: Titanic -movie
Domain Names: the ending of a website address can tell you a little about the site
More reliable                                                Use caution: Anyone can buy these
.edu: accredited college                              .com: commercial
.gov: US Government                                   .net:: network
.mil: US Military                                             .org: non commercial organization, but anyone can use it
Examples from class:
How was Edgar Allen Poe related to Virginia Clem?
           "Edgar Allen Poe" "Virginia Clem" site:.edu
What connection does the Ferris wheel have to Pittsburgh?
          “ferris wheel” “Pittsburgh Pennsylvania” site:edu
Search Engines
Google.com: Good for specific or obscure searches. 
http://www.ask.com: Good for broad searches because it is a directory and will help narrow the topic.
Dogpile.com: When you want to search multiple search engines.  Be careful of ads.
Subject Directories
Internet Public Library: Well-organized, selective, and continually updated collection, also known as "the thinking person's Yahoo” Maintained by library science graduate students at the University of Michigan
Google Directory


Both Yahoo and Google offer popular directories. They are not very selective, but they offer some wonderful subject collections.

Directories for Kids Sites
Kids Click Great starting point for kids. Annotations are carefully written. Offers grade levels and describes how illustrated a site is.
ALA Great Websites for Kids: Sites evaluated by librarians with short annotations. Can search by age level or keyword.
CIA World Fact Book - Great source of up to date maps and names of world leaders.

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