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English 10 Handouts

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Date Handout
6/6/12 Outline for Controlling Idea Paragraph
6/4/12 Macbeth Act V Packet
5/31/12 Vocabulary Words 1-7

Final Exam Review Sheet

5/29/12 Act IV Macbeth Packet
5/22/12 Controlling Idea Paragraphs Outline

Macbeth Act IV Packet

5/15/12 Macbeth Act III Packet
5/7/12 Macbeth Act II Packet
4/20/12 Macbeth Act I Packet
4/2/12 Critical Lens Assignment
3/28/12 Questions "The First Seven Years"
3/16/12 Questions for "Average Waves in Unprotected Waters"
3/8/12 "The Rockpile" Questions
3/2/12 "Antaeus" Questions
2/15/12 Final Essay  A Separate Peace

Essay Outline

2/7/12 Chapter 12 Journal Topics
2/1/12 Chapter 11 Journal Topics
1/30/12 Chapter 10 Journal Topics
1/25/11 Chapter Nine Journal Topics
12/15/11 Journal Response Handout (guidelines)
12/9/11 Puritan Essay Peer revision Sheet
12/6/11 Puritan Essay Assignment
10/28/11 Literary Methods Chart
10/17/11 Evidence Chart
9/30/11 Review Questions



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