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English 11 Daily Assignments

Date Assignment Handouts
11/4/13 Part II (rest of) Chapter Six The Great Gatsby w/ Journal Response

Chapters 5 and 6 vocabulary Quiz - Thursday

Chapter Six Response Questions
10/31/14 Chapter Six The Great Gatsby
Part I due Monday
    Part II due Wednesday
Chapter Six Response Questions
10/29/14 Chapter Five Challenge Question

Complete Sheet on Chapter Five Quotes (period 1)

Chapter Five Challenge Question

Chapter Five Quotes

10/28/14 Complete Sheet on Chapter Five Quotes (periods 3,6, and 8) Chapter Five Quotes
10/24/14 Read Chapter Five The Great Gatsby and do Journal Response Chapter Five Vocabulary

Chapter Five Journal Response

10/22/14 Chapter Four Vocabulary Quiz - tomorrow

Chapter Four Challenge Question

Chapter Four Challenge Question
10/17/14 Finish questions for Cooperative Group Work - Chapter 4

Finish Chapter 4 and do 2 Journal Topics - Jordan's Flashback and 1 other

Chapter Four Cooperative Group Questions

Chapter Four Journal Response

10/16/14 Chapter Four The Great Gatsby (pages indicated below) with two  journal response topics
        Periods 1 and 3: 61-73
        Periods 6 and 8: 65-78
Both to "He's a smart man."

Chapter Four Vocabulary

Chapter Four Journal Response


10/14/14 Chapter Writing Due Thursday

Chapter Four with Journal response due Friday

Chapter Writing Rubric

Chapter Four Vocabulary

Chapter Four Journal Response

10/10/14 Complete the outline for your Chapter Writing Chapter One Writing Outline

Chapter Two Writing Outline

Chapter Three Writing Outline

10/9/14 Select which Chapter Writing Assignment you wish to do Chapter Writing Assignment
10/7/14 Chapter Three Vocabulary Quiz - Thursday

Chapter Three Challenge Question

Chapter Three Challenge Question
10/6/14 Chapter Three Vocabulary Quiz - Thursday  
10/3/14 Read Chapter 3 and Complete Journal Responses Chapter Three Vocabulary

Chapter Three Journal Responses

10/1/14 Chapter Two Vocabulary Quiz

Chapter two Challenge Questions (extra credit)

Chapter Two Challenge Question
9/30/14 "Close Reading" annotate text: chapter 2 handout Close Reading Chapter 2
9/29/14 Chapter Two Vocabulary Quiz - Thursday  
9/26/14 Finish reading Chapter Two of The Great Gatsby and complete journal responses Chapter Two Vocabulary

Chapter Two Journal Response

9/23/14 Chapter One Vocabulary Quiz - Thursday
     - be able to define each word AND use each correctly in a
9/22/14 Complete "Character Chart" for Chapter One

Chapter One Vocabulary Quiz - Thursday

Chapter One Character Chart
9/19/14 Continue Reading Chapter One of The Great Gatsby and do "character notes" using either bookmarks provided or journal.
        Period 1 and 3 : Read to top of page 13 (end of sentence)

        Period 6 and 8 : Read to bottom of page 17 (next to last

Chapter One Vocabulary

Character Bookmarks

9/17/14 The Great Gatsby Essential Questions Essential Questions
9/16/14 Read article "Scott and Zelda" and complete response questions "Scott and Zelda"

Questions "Zelda and Scott"


9/15/14 American Dream Freewrite Freewrite Handout
9/12/14 Complete Questions for each station for Gallery Walk Gallery Walk Questions
9/9/14 Poem - Theme for English 11 - Final copy due Thursday (must be typed 12 point Times New Roman)  
9/3/14 Read "Theme for English B" and complete written response  - be thorough in your response "Theme for English B" Response


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