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Public Speaking

Course Outline

Mrs. Parsons



- to increase self-confidence

- to verbally express ideas clearly and effectively

- to gain an awareness of the importance of nonverbal communication/cues

- to develop the ability to adapt to different speaking situations and audience

- to appropriately convey emotion in speaking

- to understand the power and importance of being able to speak publicly


I. Overview of Course, Grading Procedure

    Creation of Discussion Topics


II. Introductions/Autobiographical Information

     Impromptu Speeches

     Discussion of Communication/ Communication Activities


III. Notes on How to Prepare and Deliver a Speech


IV. Demonstration Speeches (10 -12 minutes): Must have an introduction and a conclusion. You will demonstrate something you feel will interest the class. It could be a particular hobby you have. You could demonstrate how to make something. You MUST have something visual to use.

NOTE: You are responsible obtaining/setting up/breaking down needed materials.


V. Speeches from the Past: You will be giving a speech that someone else delivered. You will select 5 minutes of the speech. This could be, for example, a famous historical speech. Here we will begin working on the real specifics of delivery.


VI. Oral Interpretations (5-6 minutes): You will read a total of three poems/songs out loud to the class. The poems must express three separate emotions, i.e. sadness, happiness, hatred, humor, anger, etc. It should be clear enough so the class will be able to guess the emotion you are trying to get across. The third poem you will, in addition to reading aloud, interpret its meaning. You must be specific in your interpretation in terms of what the poem means to both you and the author; give examples from the poem to support your points. Copies of the poem you are interpreting can be handed out to the class.


VII. Personal Experience Speeches (6-7 minutes): You can relate any experience that has happened to you. Humorous experiences usually go over better; however, any experience is acceptable. During the first "round" of your delivery, I will point out areas that need improvement. I will constantly be stopping you to work on voice control, pace, eye contact, etc.


You will then deliver the speech in its entirety for a grade, taking care of the items pointed out to you.

VII. Definition Speeches (Minimum 7-8 minutes): You must define an abstract word such as love, courage, honest, etc. This can be done by defining what the abstract word means to you. You may use examples to illustrate what the word means. The speech must contain a minimum of 3 outside quotations. If you go to the dictionary, that will be considered one quote. For example, if you were trying to define "fear", one quote might be, "As President Roosevelt once said, ' We have nothing to fear but fear itself. ' "


For this speech you must have someone introduce you as the main speaker. Each person will pair with another person and both will write introductions for the other person. The introduction to the audience must be a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 1 1/2 minutes. The introduction you deliver will be 15% of your grade for this speech. Everyone must have a person introducing him/her. If you do not have one, alert me, and I will assign someone to introduce you. EX: "It is a great pleasure and honor for me to introduce our main speaker for today. He has attended Brittonkill Central School District since kindergarten. He was a star quarterback for the football team, he edited the yearbook and plans on attending Yale University. So without further delay, I present Mr. Smith who will speak to you on the topic of 'Apathy'."


This speech will be done in the auditorium with the use of the microphone.


As with the Personal Experience speech, there will be two "rounds". Before, delivering the entire speech for a grade, I will specifically work with you.


 VIII. Informative Speeches (Minimum of 8-9 minutes): For this speech you will disperse information relevant to a selected topic. Make sure you have chosen a topic you are comfortable with and one that will interest the class. The topic must also be approved by the teacher. You will have to research the topic so you should choose only the most important, interesting and relevant information.


This speech will only be delivered once and will be done in the auditorium.


IX. Nonverbal Communication

Here we will explore different methods of communication.


X. FINAL SPEECHES  (final exam : 20% of grade) - Persuasive Speeches: 9-10 minutes. The objective of this speech is to convince your audience to think/feel about a particular topic/issue the same way you do. Make sure you have chosen a good, interesting topic that is also contemporary and controversial. This topic must be approved by me prior to the speech. You must research your topic to find information that will help make your speech persuasive. Remember how important statistics, numbers and experts on that topic are. Make sure you have an introduction and conclusion. It should be readily clear what your position is in the introduction.








All speeches must be done.


• You are completely responsible for getting the work completed on time. Being consistently absent will not be accepted as an excuse for why something is not done.


• Your attendance is critical to this class. You will not only learn from the speeches you deliver, but from the successes and mistakes of your classmates as well. You are an important part of the audience in this class. You are there to provide moral support and constructive feedback to the other speakers in this class. To this end, attendance will be closely monitored.


Any speech that is not completed within the time constraints will cause you to fail that marking period. Failure to do the final speech will cause you to fail the course.


• You must be prepared to do your speech on your assigned day or on the day your name is drawn. Failure to have your speech (i.e. “I left it at home”) will result in a zero for that speech. You will not be allowed to “wing it.”


• With the exception of “The Speech from the Past,” all speeches are to be written by you. I reserve the right to collect and check all speeches.


Practice is one of the most elemental parts of successful public speaking.


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