Advanced Art


Course Description

           Advanced Art is a continuum of Drawing and/or Painting; however the assigned projects will be more open-ended, giving you the opportunity to choose appropriate media to communicate your intended ideas.
          This course is focus on the development of a personal style. Generating important, meaningful, conceptual ideas will be required for each project. You are expected to be independent, insightful, and intelligent in your daily work. You should work to be better than you were last year. This is an ADVANCED course! Please expect to put in additional time outside of class to complete your projects.
          This course will explore a variety of themes and genres. You will complete one project for each theme. We will begin the year working on idea and project portfolio development.
These are the themes we will be exploring: Nature; Memory; Fantasy, Dreams & Nightmares; Wealth, Poverty, & Social Class; Adaptation & Transformation; Life & Death

          The goal throughout this year is for you to develop an emerging and increasingly well-defined personal style. In order for the student to make decisions about personal style, experimentation with a variety of genres is necessary. Here are the genres you will explore:

  •   Portrait/Human Form

  •   Landscape

  •   Still-life

  •   Abstract

You will be required to use 3 out of 4 of these genres at least once throughout the year. You will also be required to brainstorm and sketch 3-4 ideas for each themed project. One of these ideas must be realistic, one must be completely abstract, and one must be in-between real and abstract.


Class Critiques                                                                                                                Approximately every two weeks there will be a class critique. The critiques will be a mix of small and whole group. Your participation in the critiques will be a part of each project grade.


Portfolio                                                                                                                        When handing in each project you will also be required to hand in all materials that contributed to your final project, including:

  • Brainstorming Ideas (lists, webs, etc.)

  • Thumbnail sketches (3-4 ideas are required)

  • Research on artists, art movements, and other disciplinesí concepts

  • Images of artists' work (in a PPT and B&W print)

  • Inspirational images

  • Drawing references used

  • Exploration of media (practicing techniques & ideas)

       You will also complete and submit a Project Assessment for each theme. Inclusion of the above materials and the Project Assessment will be a part of your project grade.

          You will also be completing Mid-year and End-of-the year Portfolio Reflections

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