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2004 Tamarac Middle School Boys Modified Soccer Webpage



   10-2 LEAGUE 11-2-1 OVERALL


Schedule of Games/Results

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8-0 WIN
9/25 @ Granville


11-0 WIN


5-0 WIN
9/30 @ Hoosic Valley


Logo.jpg (5067 bytes) 8-0 WIN



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4 - 2 WIN
10/7 @ Stillwater


4 - 1 LOSS



2 - 1 WIN

10/14 @ Greenwich


3 - 0 WIN



9 - 1 WIN

10/18 @ Waterford


1 - 1 TIE


10/19 @ Schuylerville


5 - 4 WIN




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11 - 0 WIN

10/26 @ Cambridge



2 - 1 WIN





4 - 3 LOSS



Coach: Mr. Eric Medved
Goalies: Jamie McGrath #23
  DJ Goyer #24
Defense: Garnet Loveday #7 - Capt
  Ben Clemente #3
  Nick Rock #5
  Julius Judd #39
  Ryan Phibbs #22
  Matt Welch #40
  Alex Tate #20
  Jeremy Hollon #28
  Joe Hart #6
Midfield: Winslow Murdoch #13 - Capt
  Dillon Rivers #17 - Capt
  Dan Costello #15 - Capt
  Conor Whalen #21
  Matt Cicora #4
  Matt Hart #16
  Graham Henderson #10
  Max Vu #33
  Aaron Kemprowski #29
Strikers: Tyler Shaw #18
  Cody Sargood #8
  Jay Winckler #2


73 goals for / 18 against

Offensive Player Goals Assists Totals
Winslow Murdoch 20 7 27
Tyler Shaw 10 16 26
Cody Sargood 13 7 20
Garnet Loveday 8 6 14
Dan Costello 6 7 13
Matt Welch 4 5 9
Matt Cicora 1 5 6
Dillon Rivers 3 3 6
Aaron Kemprowski 1 3 4
Connor Whalen 1 3 4
Ryan Phibbs 1 2 3
Graham Henderson 0 2 2
Julius Judd 1 1 2
Jason Winckler 1 1 2
Ben Clemente 1 0 1
Jamie McGrath 1 0 1
Nick Rock 1 0 1
DJ Goyer 0 1 1
Max Vu 0 1 1
Joe Hart 0 0 0
Matt Hart 0 0 0
Jeremy Hollon 0 0 0
Alex Tate 0 0 0
Goalie Saves Goals Against Save %
Nick Rock (0-0-0) 1 0 100%
Jamie McGrath (6-1-1) 57 8 88%
Tyler Shaw (3-1-0) 16 4 80%
DJ Goyer (2-0-0) 22 6 79%
Cody Sargood (0-0-0) 0 0 N/A

Season Results

10/28 vs Stillwater 4-3 Loss

Summary: Winslow Murdoch and Cody Sargood scored goals in the first four minutes of the game, and Tamarac held the Warriors scoreless for 40 minutes in what would become the unofficial Wasaren League Boys Modified Soccer Title Game, but in the 4th quarter Stillwater erupted with 4 goals to clinch the victory.  Tyler Shaw scored a goal late to close the score to 4-3.  Shaw also assisted on both of the early goals.  Jamie McGrath made 13 saves in goal.  The Bengals finished the season in 2nd place in the league with a 10-2 record.

10/26 vs Cambridge 2-1 Win (Overtime)

Summary: Cody Sargood scored 2 minutes into sudden death as the Bengals defeated Cambridge on the road at Indian Field.  Winslow Murdoch had the lone goal in regulation.  Tyler Shaw had both assists in the game, including a beautiful setup on Sargood's game winner.  In goal, Jamie McGrath made 15 saves to preserve the win and set-up the showdown for 1st place in the league vs. Stillwater. 

10/21 vs Hoosic Valley 11-0 Win

Summary: Tyler Shaw led the Bengals with 2 goals and an assist and Matt Welch added 2 more goals.  Garnet Loveday, Winslow Murdoch, Julius Judd, Jason Winckler,  Cody Sargood, Connor Whalen and Jamie McGrath also added goals.  Nick Rock made 1 save in the game and Cody Sargood and Jamie McGrath also combined to preserve the shutout. 

10/19 vs Schuylerville 5-4 Win (Overtime)

Summary: Dan Costello scored the game winner 2 minutes into the second overtime to lead the Bengals to victory.  Costello added another goal and an assist in the game.  Tyler Shaw added a goal and 3 assists and Cody Sargood added a goal and 2 assists.  Winslow Murdoch added a goal and an assist and Matt Welch chipped in with an assist.  Jamie McGrath made 10 saves and DJ Goyer added 2 saves in goal.

10/18 vs Waterford 1-1 Tie (Overtime)

Summary: Ryan Phibbs scored on a penalty kick to give the Bengals the lead, but Waterford struck back in the second half.  The game went to overtime, but neither team could score.  Jamie McGrath made 12 saves in the game.

10/16 vs Granville 9-1 Win

Summary: Garnet Loveday led the attack with a goal and 2 assists and Winslow Murdoch added 2 goals.  Cody Sargood, Aaron Kemprowski, Tyler Shaw, Ben Clemente, Matt Welch and Dan Costello also scored.

10/14 vs Greenwich 3-0 Win

Summary:  Tyler Shaw led the Bengals to victory with a goal and an assist.  Winslow Murdoch and Cody Sargood also scored.  Matt Welch and Dan Costello each added an assist.  In goal, Jamie McGrath and DJ Goyer made a combined 5 saves to preserve the shutout.

10/12 vs Waterford 2-1 Win

Summary:  The Bengals defeated the visiting Fordians in a close non-league game 2-1 at Tamarac field.  Winslow Murdoch had two goals, assisted by GAME MVP Tyler Shaw, who had two assists in the field and then played the 4th quarter in goal and stopped two late shots to preserve the win.  DJ Goyer played the first 3 quarters in goal and had 1 save. 

10/7 vs Stillwater 4-1 Loss

Summary:  The Bengals were dealt their first loss of the season as the Warriors played tough, agressive soccer and beat-up the Bengals en route to a 4-1 win.  Garnet Loveday scored the lone goal for the Bengals assisted by Matt Cicora and Winslow Murdoch.  Tyler Shaw made 7 saves and DJ Goyer added another in goal.

10/5 vs Cambridge 4-2 Win

Summary:  Winslow Murdoch scored two goals and added an assist as the Bengals improved their record to 5-0 with a win against Cambridge.  Dan Costello and Garnet Loveday also scored goals and Dillon Rivers added an assist.  The Bengals scoreless defensive streak ended at 299 minutes, as the defense gave up two late goals in the final minutes.

9/30 vs Hoosic Valley 8-0 Win

Summary:  Winslow Murdoch scored his second hat trick of the season as the Bengals trounced the Indians in wet, sloppy conditions.  Cody Sargood added two goals and an assist, but the MVP was Tyler Shaw, who shutout the Indians in goal for a quarter, and then took the field to tally another two goals.  DJ Goyer stopped 2 shots to preserve the shutout.  In the game, Garnet Loveday played smothering defense and added the remaining goal on a penaty kick.  Aaron Kemprowski added 2 assists in the game and Jeremy Hollon, Alex Tate and Ryan Phibbs joined Loveday to lead the defensive effort. 

9/28 vs Schuylerville 5-0 Win

Summary:  Dillon Rivers led the Tamarac attack with 2 goals as the Bengals defeated the Horses in wet, sloppy conditions.  Cody Sargood and Dan Costello each had a goal and an assist.  Winslow Murdoch also scored off a a great set-up by Matt Welch and Connor Whalen.  Tyler Shaw and DJ Goyer made a combined 11 saves in the victory.  Starting goalkeeper Jamie McGrath again sat out the game with an injured knee.

9/25  vs Granville  11-0  Win

Summary:  Cody Sargood led the Bengals with a hat trick and an assist.  Winslow Murdoch contributed to the victory with 2 goals and 2 assists.  Matt Cicora, Matt Welch, Dan Costello and Garnet Loveday also scored.  Goalies DJ Goyer and Tyler Shaw made a combined 4 saves to preserve the shutout.  Starting goalkeeper Jamie McGrath sat out the game with an injured knee.

9/23  vs Greenwich  8-0  Win

    Summary:  Winslow Murdoch scored a hat trick and had an assist.  Tyler Shaw netted 2 goals and had 3 assists in the victory.  Also scoring were Garnet Loveday, who had a goal and an assist and Cody Sargood and Dillon Rivers who each added a goal.  Connor Whalen and Dan Costello also chipped-in with an assist.  Goalies Jamie McGrath and DJ Goyer combined for the shutout with a total of 7 saves in the win.


Season Recap

It was a privelege to coach this team this season.  The boys really improved as a unit.  Several landmark achievements were had this season, like a 299 minute scoreless streak, 10 Wasaren league wins and 20 of our players scored offensive points during the season.  It truly was a fun season.

Next step for us, is off-season work.  Players can participate in winter indoor soccer or Brunswick's outstanding spring/summer program to get ready for next year.  Individually if those aren't an option, juggling can help with touch and wall passing drills by yourself can help to hone accuracy.

It has been a fun 2004 campaign, see ya in 2005!



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