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What time does school start and end?

The school day runs from 7:26 A.M. until 2:11 P.M.

When will my bus pick me up? How will I know my bus number?

Information on bus routes and bus numbers will appear in the District School Calendar, which is mailed to each resident over the summer. Any questions should be directed to Mrs. Bonnie Perry, Transportation Supervisor, at 279-4600 ext. 623.

What should I do when I arrive at school the first day?

You will be let off the bus at 7:15 A.M. and should report directly to the Middle/High School Lobby (straight ahead as you come in the front door). Supervision for students is not available before 7:15 A.M., therefore, parents are discouraged from leaving children off at school before that time. When the bell rings at 7:26 A.M., report to your homeroom. Adults will be around to point you in the right direction.

How am I going to know where my homeroom is? How will I find my way around?

Every year, Middle School hosts an open house approximately one week before the opening of school. Incoming sixth grade and new students are invited to come into school and pick up their schedules. At this time they have the opportunity to walk through the Middle School and acclimate themselves to their schedule. All other students will receive their schedules on the first day of school in homeroom. Homeroom lists will be posted in the hallway near the cafeteria on the first day of school. Students can find their appropriate homeroom on these lists and report to their designated homeroom.

What will I need for school the first day? What will we be doing the first day?

You will receive a list of supplies needed with your end-of-the-year report card. You should bring your materials to school the first day because there will be some regular classes that day. In the morning, your teachers will have a variety of small and large group activities planned to help orient you to your new grade level and prepare you for the remainder of the week.

What happens if I miss my bus or am late for school?

For most students an elementary run will come by your house and you may take that bus to school. If you arrive at school after 7:30 A.M., you must report to the office for a pass to your homeroom or first period class. You must bring a note from your parents stating why you are late. Please be aware, however, that after three or more tardies, after-school detention will be assigned each time you are tardy.

When may I stay after school?

Regular dismissal is at 2:11 P.M. However, a number of clubs and activities take place from 2:11-3:20 P.M. An elementary bus run is available for students at 3:30 P.M. Non-resident students would need to arrange for their own transportation. Students need a boarding pass from their teacher or club advisor to ride an elementary bus. Under no circumstances may a student remain after school without being under the direct supervision of a staff member.

What happens if I want to go to a friendís house after school?

You will need to bring a signed note from home giving you permission to ride a bus to another location. Bring the note to your homeroom teacher and he/she will give you a boarding pass.

What will happen if I am late for class, get lost or canít open my locker?

These are the three greatest fears of new students to the Middle School. The answer isÖ Donít worry! Your teachers understand that you will need time to adjust to a new situation and will allow you extra time the first few days to learn your way around.

How much time will I have to get from one class to the next?

Three minutes. This is more than enough time. The bell system will be used to tell you when the class periods begin and end.

What should I do if I have been out sick?

When you return to school, please bring a written excuse signed by a parent explaining the reason for your absence.  Give this note to your homeroom teacher during homeroom.  It is extremely important to see each of your teachers personally to obtain any missed class work or homework. If you are going to be out more than one day, you may call the office early in the day to request your homework. It will be ready for pick-up after 2:30 on that same day.

How much do lunches cost? How and when do I buy tickets?

Mrs. Eileen LaBlanc, Cafeteria Director, will be sending information home pertaining to the cost of school lunches, including free and reduced lunches. Students may buy lunch tickets from Mrs. LaBlanc when they go through the lunch line. Also, breakfast is available for any interested student.

What should I do if I have any other questions?

Most of your questions will be answered the first few days of school. Pay close attention to the teachers. If you have any questions, ask your teachers, your Team Leader, Mrs. Bennett-New in the Counseling Center, or the secretaries in the Middle School/Counseling Center Office. They will be happy to help you. Also, District Calendars contain a great deal of valuable information and are available in the Middle School Office.

What courses will my child take in Middle School?

All sixth grade students take core academic courses of Math, Science, English, Social Studies, and Reading. Each of these are full year, 40-week courses. In addition, all students take Music, Art, Keyboarding, Technology, Computers, Family and Consumer Science, and Physical Education.

Are there any advanced or honors classes?

Fifth grade students who are recommended and qualify academically are scheduled into Accelerated Math.  Accelerated Math students will have completed Math A Course by the middle of Grade 9.  It is the expectation that all classes are enriched and challenging to all students.

What about Foreign Language?

Students enroll in French, Spanish or Russian, which begins in Grade 7. Three years of a Foreign Language are required and five years of each language are available.

What programs are offered for "gifted" children? What about kids who need extra support?

We believe that every child has giftsÖand we believe that any child could use extra help from time to time. Our Great Expectations (G.E.) program allows any student the opportunity to explore interests on an individual or small group basis with our  G.E. Coordinator. Any student experiencing academic difficulty in Math, Reading, English, Social Studies or Science will be scheduled either formally or informally into the AIS (academic intervention) program. Our AIS program provides up to two periods per week of extra small group help.

What programs are available for students with special needs?

Special needs students are, for the most part, included in the regular program and receive in-class support from a special education teacher and two aides assigned to the Team. However, our "Inclusion" model allows for all students to receive extra help from these professionals as needed in the regular classroom. Other services such as physical, occupational and speech therapies are made available as required in the studentís I.E.P. (Individual Education Plan).

Are there sports, music and club opportunities for my child?

Modified sports do not start until Seventh Grade; however, Sixth Grade students may take part in various intramural sports after school. In the past, we have offered soccer and golf.  Instrumental band and chorus is an extension of the Grade Five program.  Students are scheduled for band, instrumental lessons and chorus during the school day.  There are several after-school clubs available, including Baseball Card Club, Drumming Club, Service Club, Drama Club, and Math Club.  Students who stay after school for any reason ride the 3:30 Elementary bus home.

What counseling services are available?

In addition to our full-time Counselor, Mrs. Susan Bennett-New, we have a School Psychologist, Student Assistance Counselor, and a social worker assigned to our building.  (Please contact Mrs. Bennett-New at 279-4600 ext. 636 for additional information.)

How do I find out how my child is doing in school?

Report cards are sent home with your child every ten weeks.  Interim Reports are mailed at 5, 15, 25 and 35-week intervals.  Also, parent conferences can be scheduled during the daily grade-level team time. You may also request updates at any time.  Contact Mrs. Bennett-New for further information.