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Course Outline: 2012-13

   Advanced Placement United States History

   Mr. Olson - Rm. 527

            Advanced Placement United States History is a full year course that covers American history from colonial ties to the present.  Goals of this course include: Preparing students for the A.P. U.S. History Exam (May 15) as well as the New York State Regents examination (June), and the mastery of many communication, critical thinking, and social-studies-specific skills. The opportunity to earn college credit through the SUNY University in the High School Program is also available.

 Other Course Objectives:

          Master a broad body of historical knowledge

         Demonstrate an understanding of historical chronology

         Interpret and apply data from original documents, including cartoons, graphs, letters, etc.

         Use historical data to support an argument or position

         Differentiate between opposing historical perspectives

         Effectively use the analytical skills of evaluation, cause and effect, compare and contrast, etc.

         Work effectively with others to produce products and solve problems

 Overview of Topics Covered:

 Course Introduction & Chronological overview

 Theme 1 Government

 Theme 2 War/Foreign Policy

 Theme 3 Economics

 Theme 4 Social Change / Reform Movements

 Theme 5 Civil Liberties and loose ends       

Necessary Materials:

  • Notebook (with pockets to hold handouts)

  • Suggested - 3-ring binder and loose-leaf paper

Grading Policy:

  • Grades are based on a point system.  All assignments are given a point value (i.e., tests = 100, Essays = 100, Journal assignments = 50,).  The total # of correct points divided by the total # of possible points for the marking period will provide your average for each quarter.  Class participation will be equal to a test (100pts).

Absence and make up policy:

             It is in your advantage to be in class every day.  If a class is missed, YOU are responsible for finding out what you missed and requesting make up assignments.  I am available in class, before class, and after school for consultation, extra help and make up tests.

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