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Use the form below to request technical assistance regarding computer, email, or network issues* .  Before submitting a request for a computer problem please try turning off and restarting the computer. 

 If you would like to submit a request to unblock or block a web site please use the Web Filter form.

*see hints below

Request form hints:  (following these hints will aid in expediting your request)

Tech helpers:

  • Try restarting the computer, printer, or other device. A simple restart solves most problems.
  • If your U: drive or other network drive is not available, try logging off and then log back on again.
  • Try the task on another computer. That will help discern if the problem is on your machine or a wide spread issue.

Information please:

  •  Example 1 - If you have moved your computer:  the port number of where the computer was plugged into and which port you are now plugged into would be important information to pass along..
  •  Example 2 - If your printer is acting up:  the make and model of the printer (HP 1100) would be good information to include in your request..

How did they do that?

  • What steps can we take to recreate the problem you are experiencing.

Please use the Web Filter form if you would like to submit a request to unblock or block a web site.



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